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See how to uncover the structure of your data

Uncovering structure and patterns in high-dimensional data are challenges easily met using visualization and analytics in JMP. In a Nov. 10 live webcast, Systems Engineer Chris Kirchberg demonstrated how.

I captured the presentation as three demos that you can review at your leisure. Each demo is about 20 minutes long, and registration is required to view them. Here is a hint that a JMP demo fan appreciated: If you want to come back to the demos after you register, simply bookmark the post-registration page, the page that actually has the buttons from which you launch the demos. From the bookmarked page, you will not need to re-register to watch the demos.

For those who want to try the techniques, Chris has made it easy by supplying his JMP Journal with the data and scripts for many of the capabilities he demonstrated. You'll find his JMP Journal in the JMP File Exchange (a free SAS login is needed to access the file).

At the end of the third demo, Working with Correlations, Chris touches on Principal Components Analysis (PCA). A more detailed PCA demo by Systems Engineer Aashish Majethia is also available.

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