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Science Blogging Conference

The 2008 NC Science Blogging Conference was held last week at the Sigma Xi center in nearby Research Triangle Park. This was the second year of the conference, and JMP has been a sponsor both years. Besides bloggers, of course, the audience of 200 included scientists and teachers.

This year I co-led a session called "Public Scientific Data" with Jean-Claude Bradley from Drexel. Jean-Claude already has the ultimate position on public data, with every experiment and result from his UsefulChem malaria lab going onto his website. My interest is in data visualization, and I'm often stymied by a lack of public access to data when I try to improve a visualization I see in a journal. The session was successful in raising awareness in some, at least, on the need and techniques for sharing data, though I found out that competition among researchers is a big obstacle to sharing.

My slides are available in HTML, and Jean-Claude has posted the audio and screencast recordings on his blog.

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