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Meet up with JMP at NYC Predictive Analytics Meetup

I, like most people, am not a fan of unsolicited email, but discovered one well worth my time on Sept. 11. On that particular morning, I had received a note in my inbox from Meetup founder, Scott Heiferman. In it, he describes an inspiring story of community building in New York City after 9/11.

Prior to the attack on the Twin Towers, Heiferman, a resident of downtown Manhattan, confessed that the only time he thought about his neighbors was when he hoped they wouldn’t bother him. But of course, that all changed for him after 9/11 as it did for most New Yorkers. He became invigorated by the idea that the Internet could be used to get people off the Internet and grow local communities.

His passion turned into an idea that worked. Thousands upon thousands of Meetup groups have formed since that time, and all of those people getting together are getting together because of one thing -- a common interest, passion or goal.  Meetup now has more than 10 million members.

On Oct. 19, we hope you will join us to learn about the one passion we have in common -- predictive analytics. This year JMP is happy to be sponsoring the NYC Predictive Analytics Meetup that will be held in conjunction with the Predictive Analytics World conference.

Sam Gardner of JMP will open the meeting with a presentation on the integration of JMP and R, followed by John W. Emerson, Associate Professor of Statistics at Yale University, who will discuss Bayesians, Frequentists, and Big Data: Musings on Statistics in the 21st Century. The event is complimentary and will be held at the Hilton New York. For more information and to register, visit the Predictive Analytics World site.

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Charlie Shipp wrote:

Great news, Amy. Keep up the good work. Charlie Shipp

I enjoyed your insightful comments on both issues: community

and Predictive Modeling. "See" you on the 19th. .!.