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Making the world a better place: David Trindade on improving quality, reliability and more

DaveTindadeDavid Trindade, Chief Officer of Best Practices at Bloom Energy, knows a lot about creating value. He is internationally renowned for his expertise in reliability analysis and has been honored with the IEEE Reliability Society 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award.

He co-authored a valued resource for reliability engineers, Applied Reliability, now in its third edition. He has extensive experience enhancing quality and reliability, and crafting innovative analytical solutions to a wide range of industrial applications.

AppliedReliabilityHis most recent work is leading quality and reliability initiatives at Bloom Energy, provider of greener, cleaner, more sustainable power. Really pretty incredible technology when you think about chemically made power with “Bloom boxes” fueling customers like these to lower their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprints and improve their energy security. We may even have Bloom boxes powering our homes one day, thanks to the rocket science contributing to this innovative way of creating energy! You can learn about how Bloom Energy uses JMP in our customer success story.

David has great stories to tell about creating value at Bloom Energy and elsewhere, like these:

  • How quality initiatives took hold, spreading a culture of analytics more broadly.
  • How experimental design gave great insight to process improvement, delivering huge returns.
  • How motivating it has been for engineers to apply design of experiments (DOE), analysis and modeling on an ongoing basis to improve quality and reliability.
  • David has shared a great deal of his expertise as a consultant and instructor, and he continues to educate colleagues and students. He has been an adjunct instructor at Santa Clara University for more than 30 years. An advocate of DOE, he helps his students appreciate the practical usefulness of DOE, relaying a fun story about a student who designed an experiment to effectively remove chocolate stains from her kids' clothing.

    We hope you will join us to hear the many interesting stories David has to tell on  Analytically Speaking on Nov. 18. Or watch the on-demand version along with other episodes of Analytically Speaking, at your convenience.

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