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Lou's crazy idea for Discovery Summit

If you know my colleague Lou Valente, you won’t be surprised to learn that he had an off-the-wall idea. He’s always coming up with cool and creative ways to think about things. But the idea I’m talking about keeps coming back to me – not crazy enough to dismiss, but not easy enough to implement in its current form.

Here’s his idea: We should limit Discovery Summit attendance to people who submit paper or poster abstracts for consideration. Why not? The event sells out anyway. Why not make sure that the people there are the ones interested in sharing?

Lou’s reasoning is solid: This event is designed for attendees to exchange ideas and benchmark best practices. Yes, we bring in authors and thought leaders to present at the plenary sessions. But that’s just to get conversations started. So much learning happens in paper presentations and poster sessions and in the hallway conversations and during dinner exchanges.

What we’ve learned over the years is that all attendees have something valuable to offer in regard to their experiences with analytics and data exploration.

Does that mean that we’re going to adopt Lou’s suggestion? No, of course not. But I believe Lou’s points are worth thinking about. If you’re going to register for Discovery Summit this year, perhaps you should also submit an abstract for consideration. You’ve got nothing to lose, and a great conversation starter to gain.

Think about it. But don’t think too long. The call for papers won’t be open forever.

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