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JMP Training Announces Two Version 7 Courses

JMP Training is pleased to announce that two of our core courses, JMP Software: Statistical Data Exploration and JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression, will be available for version 7 on October 1, 2007. Each course has been updated for version 7, and the first course includes demonstrations on some of the new features of this version of JMP.

In the Statistical Data Exploration course, sections have been added featuring the File System, Data Filter, Bubble Plot, and JMP Project. The File System gives a view of connected storage systems; files can be opened easily from this list. The Data Filter gives a variety of ways to identify subsets of data. This feature allows you to interactively select complex subsets of data, hide these subsets in plots, or exclude them from analyses. The Bubble Plot is a scatter plot which draws its points as circles (bubbles). Optionally, the bubbles can be sized according to another column, colored by another column, aggregated across groups defined by one or more other columns, and dynamically indexed by a time column. With the capability to display up to five dimensions at once (x-position, y-position, size, color, and time), bubble plots can produce dramatic visualizations and make interesting discoveries easy. Finally, the JMP Project is a tool used to organize links to data tables, reports, journals, scripts, etc. in one file.

As before, Statistical Data Exploration is intended as an important first step for anyone who wants to use JMP 7 software to manage and analyze data. ANOVA and Regression is intended to follow Statistical Data Exploration. It is designed for analysts and researchers with some statistical training and JMP experience who want to analyze continuous response data using analysis of variance and regression methods in JMP 7.

The two courses that JMP Training offers on designed experiments, JMP Software: Design and Analysis of Experiments and JMP Software: Modern Design of Experiments, will also be available in October, but at a later date. These courses follow ANOVA and Regression to provide a third level of training. The rest of the JMP training curricula for version 7 will be offered by December.

If you have any questions on JMP training, please contact Deborah Upchurch at deborah.upchurch@sas.com or go to www.jmp.com/training for more information.

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