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JMP Student Edition: Help students master statistical concepts quickly

People are often surprised to learn that of all students taking college-level statistics courses, well over 90% are enrolled in introductory service-oriented statistics courses. This amounts to more than 1 million students every year in the US alone! While these are typically terminal courses that satisfy graduation requirements, they are also a great opportunity to open students’ eyes to the exciting world of data analysis and visualization and to encourage more advanced study.

Collection of JMP Student Edition screenshots

For these introductory courses, JMP has just released the latest version of JMP Student Edition, a streamlined version of JMP 10 designed to meet all of the analysis and graphing needs in these courses. Whether those courses are designed for engineering, business and economics, bio and health sciences, social sciences or more general audiences, all of the offerings share a core set of analytic concepts. These concepts include basic descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as elementary concepts of regression and analysis of variance. JMP Student Edition includes these core capabilities along with some specialized features like multiple regression, time series analysis, design of experiments (DOE) and quality improvement analysis topics often found in the more application-specific introductory courses.

The easy-to-use interface and streamlined menus of JMP Student Edition has students up and doing data analysis in no time. Of course, students are also learning statistics concepts for the first time in these courses, and to help with that, JMP Student Edition includes its own book: Using JMP Student Edition, which illustrates how to use JMP and apply statistical tools appropriately. Additional resources for learning JMP and applet-like concept animations are available at jmp.com/teach.

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Is JMP Student Edition right for you? 

JMP Student Edition may be a great option for you if you are teaching one of these introductory courses and seek an easy-to-use, low cost and flexible tool for data analysis and visualization. Some of the new and unique features include mapping and dynamic graphs for exploratory data analysis. JMP Student Edition now has the ability to function as an Excel Add-In, provided a recent version of Excel is installed. If you are familiar with JMP and interested to know the differences between JMP and JMP Student Edition, see the comparison chart at jmp.com/se.

Mapping features in the new version of JMP Student Edition

So how do you get it? 

For college courses, JMP Student Edition is distributed exclusively by leading college textbook publishers in a single-user, 12-month license. Faculty may request that JMP Student Edition be bundled with their favorite textbook in the form of a card with a unique download code. The code may be redeemed for a single copy of JMP Student Edition -- either Windows or Mac -- from jmp.com/getse. Faculty need only contact their publisher’s representative and arrange to get a "bundle ISBN" of JMP Student Edition with their textbook of choice. Proof of academic standing is required to download JMP Student Edition.

High school AP Stat courses are an audience we also have in mind for JMP Student Edition. High schools may contact JMP directly at sales@jmp.com to obtain a special five-year schoolwide license of JMP Student Edition for just $495.

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Jon Loper wrote:

I am interested in getting a 5-year school wide licensing of JMP software for my AP statistics course at Somerset-Berkley Regional High School. How do I go about it?


Arati Mejdal wrote:

Hi, Jon. You can place an order by calling our order fulfillment at 919-531-5050. Thanks for your interest!


Luran HE wrote:

I can't open the website jmp.com/getse while i can open www.jmp.com very quickly.

So i wonder maybe the page is removed.

Please help check.

I am in a statistics course now, need to install JMP to do homework(Code is provided with the pearson textbook already).

Community Manager

Jeff Perkinson wrote:

Hi Luran,

That link should redirect to On The Hub. Try clicking on that link.

Let us know if you continue to have difficulty.