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How to combine Squarify and Split layouts with hierarchical Treemaps

In my previous blog post, I introduced you to a new layout algorithm for Treemaps in JMP, called Squarify. I explained how Split preserves the order of your data while Squarify orders the data by size.

But what if you have data that is hierarchical? JMP can display hierarchical data in a Treemap by creating groups. Each group is laid out in tiles, just like each category is tiled within the group. If you select Split, then the groups are laid out using Split, preserving the order of your data. Then the categories are laid out using Split within each group. Similarly, selecting Squarify will reorder the groups, displaying the largest group in the upper-left corner and work its way down to the smallest group in the bottom-right corner. Then categories will be laid out the same way within the groups. But is there a way to combine these two techniques in one Treemap? There is with hierarchical data.

Mixed mode

When you have hierarchical data, you can select the third layout option, called Mixed. Mixed mode will layout the groups using Split, which will preserver the order of your groups. But then it will display the categories using Squarify, which will order the categories within each group from largest to smallest.

Again, I will demonstrate this using the San Francisco crime data from the samples data folder installed with JMP. My previous post showed the number of incidents of each type of crime. We will do that again, but this time let's group it by the day of the week and let's select Mixed from the layout menu option.


Looking at this Treemap, we see each day of the week as a grouping. Since Mixed uses Split for the groups, the order of our weekdays is preserved, with Sunday in the top left and Saturday in the bottom-right corner. But the categories are laid out using Squarify. The gives us nicely shaped rectangles that are easy to compare and orders them with the largest value in the top-left corner of each grouping.

In my earlier post on Squarify, we saw that Larceny/Theft was the most common type of crime. Grouping by the day of the week, we see that it is the most common crime every day of the week.

Pop quiz

What if we wanted to know which day of the week has the most crime (which group is the largest)? Well, hopefully by now you know how to find the answer to that question....

Yes! That's right. You would use Squarify, and you'd see that the answer is Monday by looking in the top-left corner. (What is it about Mondays?)


Get this sample data set -- or some other hierarchical data -- and try these new options for yourself.

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jay holavarri wrote:

Hi John,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference.

A little bird (named Shannon :) ) said I might drop this suggestion, which I believe you already have under consideration. The tree map would be more useful if the text scaled with the box, as with this newsmap website:

I find that I can use the tree map as is, but frequently they are not legible when presented.



Staff (Retired)

John Ponte wrote:

Hi Jay,

That little bird directed you appropriately. :-) I am currently working on changes to Treemap, including improving the labeling. Thanks for the suggestion, especially the link. An example is always helpful. It was good to meet you as well and I hope you enjoyed the conference.