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Get JMP 9 Training Through Multimedia e-Course

JMP 9 users: Now that you have invested in the most recent version of the interactive visual statistical discovery software package, I know you will want to make the most of your investment. You can do this by taking training. And now, you can train at your own pace and in the comfort of your home or office!

I am excited to announce the first multimedia e-Course in the JMP curriculum – JMP Software: Data Exploration.

screenshot of JMP e-Course showing how to use JMP scripts to recreate reports

This course has content equivalent to our classroom training, and the lessons include demos, practices and quizzes. Whether you are a new JMP customer or you are upgrading to JMP 9, this e-Course will help you learn the essentials of JMP. It is eight hours' worth of material, and you get a yearlong license to access it 24/7.

Become familiar with the new JMP 9 graphical and analytical capabilities through this self-paced format. Take the course chapter by chapter, or skip to the lessons where you need help. If you would like to learn more about our e-Courses, check out the e-Courses page.

If you have JMP 9 and are interested in this new interactive e-Course, be the FIRST to submit a comment on this post describing in 50 words why you would benefit from this JMP e-Learning course, and I will give you free access! Be sure to enter your e-mail address when you write your comment.

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Shelli Godfrey wrote:

Long time Minitab user, recently changed jobs and have JMP. Used JMP back in 2000 and it has changed a lot. I remember liking it but this interface is completely non-intuitive to me. How do you save files and graphs to share? How do you do Box Plots? How do you a Scatter Plot? very confusing and I use statistical software a lot. I am spending more than half my time trying to figure the program out vs. doing my job.

Free training (we already paid for the software!) or better Help menu (Minitab has excellent Help with examples) would make it easier.


Arati Bechtel wrote:

Ruben, if you want to try JMP, it's easy to do that. You can download the free trial of JMP from our website. You'll get the chance to try the fully functional version of the software for 30 days.

Here's where to go: https://www.sas.com/apps/userid/jmptrial_login.jsp?jmptrialreturnpage=https://support.sas.com/jmpwar...

You'll need to create a free SAS account to begin. I hope you enjoy using the software!


Ruben Borrero wrote:

Im an Industrial Engineer, and though I've heard of Jmp before, i never had the oportunity to use it. Being used to Minitab, i wish to comprehend the capabilities of the software before making a decision on what Software to use in the future.

Best Regards



Peter Samuel wrote:

We have installed the latest JMP version 9.0. Any training on this version would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


Elizabeth Dodd wrote:

I am very impressed with JMP 9's new look and am excited about its new capabilities, Geo Mapping and its advanced visualization capabilities. I installed it last week and would love to have training to be sure that I am using it fully. Thank you!


Vin Kane wrote:

I have never been disappointed with any of the jmp training I received. The benfits of this aproach is convience, the benefits of the training are improved data analysis in my own work in support of the lean 6 sigma initiatives here at Tellabs. Plus, the time savings with training when the solution has to be released as part of the on going process improvement support.


Steven Muncy wrote:

E-learning is a welcome addition to JMP training. JMP can be used by anyone with production, control, and laboratory data to find areas for improvement. Unfortunately, my schedule makes taking regular classes difficult. This will be great for those with unusual schedules. Nice work.


David Cobb wrote:

I agree with the post above and I will find more information from google.


Ajay wrote:

I would love to take this training as I hope to use JMP9 new features for my consulting practise as well as blog about it. I find the user interface of JMP nifty- it very well designed.


lubna wrote:

i am so interested to learn jmp especially learning how to make analyzation for questionnaires through jmp since i usually use spss 19 and i'm proficient in it but i heard that who use jmp 9 will never leave it or back to spss so i really want to have this e-course , it will help me allot