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Discover JMP with New Book in Documentation Set

If you have updated your copy of JMP 8 to 8.0.2, you already have access to a brand new book in the JMP documentation set called Discovering JMP -- though you may not have known it!

To find out a bit more about this new book, I sent a few questions to Jonathan Gatlin, a JMP technical writer who has written several posts for this blog. Here's what you need to know about Discovering JMP.

Arati: What is the book about?

Jonathan: Discovering JMP provides a general overview of JMP software. The chapters cover the following information:

Chapter 1: Introducing JMP – basic concepts like what is a JMP platform, and how JMP is different from Excel.

Chapter 2: Preparing, interacting with, and summarizing your data.

Chapter 3: Visualizing your data – using graphics to explore your data.

Chapter 4: Analyzing your data – looking at distributions, relationships, and models.

Chapter 5: Customizing JMP – saving JMP results, creating JSL scripts, and setting preferences.

Chapter 6: Special JMP features – connecting JMP with SAS, the automatic update feature, and showing interactive results outside of JMP.

Arati: Why did you and the documentation team write it?

Jonathan: We wrote this book to assist new JMP users in getting started quickly with JMP. The examples should give the user a good start on understanding navigation through JMP, as well as an introduction to analyzing data with the most commonly used JMP platforms. We also wanted to provide a general purpose quick start book for international markets. We plan to translate this book into all the supported JMP languages.

Arati: How is it different from the other JMP books?

Jonathan: Discovering JMP is one of five books in the JMP documentation set. The other books provide complete details on all of JMP’s platforms and features. For example, the Statistics and Graphics Guide provides a full description of all statistical and graphical features in JMP. The purpose of Discovering JMP is not to give complete details, but to introduce the user to some commonly used JMP platforms and to provide simple examples of each.

Arati: Who is the intended audience for the book?

Jonathan: Discovering JMP is written to introduce JMP to a new user. It assumes the reader has no knowledge of statistics or JMP. The book will be useful to anyone who needs to learn JMP, whether that person is a statistician, researcher, or business analyst.

Arati: How can JMP users find the new book?

Jonathan: This book is available with JMP 8.0.2, and can be found with the other books at the JMP install location, usually at C:Program FilesSASJMP8Support Files EnglishDocumentation. You can also download a PDF of the book from the JMP Documentation page on our Web site.

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