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May 21, 2014

Design of experiments authors win Ziegel Prize

Congratulations to Peter Goos and Bradley Jones for winning the 2012 Ziegel Prize for their book, Optimal Design of Experiments: A Case Study Approach.

Jones, who is Principal Research Fellow at JMP and a world-renowned researcher in design of experiments, received the prize certificate (right) Tuesday at JSM 2013 in Montreal.

The Ziegel Prize is given to the author or authors of  an outstanding new book reviewed in the journal Technometrics during the previous year. The honor is named for Eric Ziegel, who was the journal’s book review editor for 20 years, from 1986-2006. The first Ziegel Prize was awarded in 2007.

The criteria for the prize are:

1. The book will be a first edition.

2. The book will not be a “how to” manual or a software guide.

3. The subject of the book will be statistical methodology that has been clearly demonstrated to be applicable to the Technometrics mission.

4. The technical level and originality of the book will be consistent with those of papers published in the journal.

5. Ideally, the book will be one that brings together in one volume a body of material previously only available in scattered research articles and having the potential to significantly improve practice in engineering and science.

For more information on the book and optimal designs, read my earlier blog post about the book.

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Community Member

Charles Edwin Shipp wrote:

Thanks Arati! Congratulations, Bradley Jones and Peter Goos. I just ordered the book.