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Some problems with bar charts

Hello together,

I`ve got some trouble with making a bar chart ( I think it is also called tornado chart ). I uploaded a picture of the chart I want to create and a sample data of what my data looks like. My main problem is to get the frequency and i don't know how do I get this typ of chart. On the picture there are the green and blue bars for gender ( female male ), on Y there is Age and X is frequency.

I also checked the Internet but there is only a solution with " put a minus before every Age on the female ages " but is there maybe a better way how I can get this type of chart?

Thanks for listening and a good day for everybody


Re: Some problems with bar charts

Hi tobias2frei,

I have tried to come up with a solution for this kind of graph. As your data is with only a few rows and therefore difficult to compare it to the attached picture from you, I added the big class sample data file as well.

First of all with Distribution you would not be able to modify the chart to get it grouped and counted in the way you would like it to be (as far as I know - if someone else can do this please share ).

So Graph Builder was my next guess. But to get a counting axes you would have to summarize your data first. and then arrange the variables in the Graph Builder and change the axis settings.

Attached you'll find in both data tables a script building the summarized data table and a script to build the graph within the new table. Looking into the control panel of the Graph Builder you easily see where to put the variables and how I changed the axis settings.

To summarize you would have to group by age and subgroup by sex/gender, this you can get from the table scripts in the attached tables.

In a third example I used Age to build Groups (Population data example, the process is almost the same)

Hope this helps,


PS: Based on the language in the picture you are located in DE, so if you like to talk about your project more closely and in German, you can reach me best via email (Martin.demel@jmp.com), Then I can call or write you back. I'd be keen on talking to you to understand more what you are going to do with those kind of graphs.


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