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Oct 5, 2015

JMP12 trial on Windows 10...

​I have a microsoft surface pro running windows 10 on which the trial version of jmp12 refuses to install... "this app cannot run on this device" Any work-arounds?


Community Trekker


Aug 26, 2015

Re: JMP12 trial on Windows 10...

The Surface Pro is a PADD. To the best of my knowledge, the SAS Institute exclusively develops desktop and client/server applications; they do not offer apps. PADDs generally do not run desktop software as full applications are not designed to operate on touch devices and mobile devices outside of the laptop-class are woefully inadequate for running most full applications. Based on the error message you received, it seems like JMP is acknowledging that you are attempting to run an application on a device that is not suited to the task.




Jul 10, 2014

Re: JMP12 trial on Windows 10...

[Please ignore this old not appropriate answer to the above question: The Systems requirements you will find here: System Requirements | JMP

The only app JMP offers is the Graph Builder app. You can load data on your device and use the Graph Builder to visualize the data.]

Thanks Brian for the better Information!





Jun 23, 2011

Re: JMP12 trial on Windows 10...

This is not true.  The Graph Builder App runs on Apple iOS devices like the iPad.  The Surface Pro is a Microsoft device running Windows OS.  We have tried JMP on a Surface Pro with Windows 8.  We have not tried 10 yet.  It is very possible that you have an incomplete download of the installer.  You could try contacting JMP Tech Support.

Brian Corcoran

JMP Development



Nov 21, 2014

Re: JMP12 trial on Windows 10...

Want to second Brian's comment.  I've seen a number of people using surfaces for JMP out in the community.  Seems to work fine for them, though I don't know which version of Windows they are running.