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JMP script that suddenly quit working - making reference lines

Hello.  I developed a script that past few weeks that unfortunately might be too long to effectively list (about 10 pages).  The long and short of it is the following:

There are (3) tabs in the report that the script makes.  This ranges from simple summary statistics (tab 1) to regression analysis (tab 2) to a profile plot with simulation (tab 3).  I had a simple push button that helped the user insert a reference line (specification) on each of the graphs.  This worked perfectly until this week when everything quit working.  Not just on my computer, but on everybodies.  The error was the following:


Send Expects Scriptable Object in access or evaluation of 'Send' , repBoxBuild[axisbox( 2 )] << /*###*/add ref line(
Char( LSL ),
) /*###*/


 And the script didn't change.  Are there JMP updates going on or something that might be causing scripts to quit working?  I would be more than happy to send the script / data to anybody that might have an idea.  I am pretty new with scripting but am baffled on how something could quit working that suddenly.  Thanks Jim Pappas  

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Re: JMP script that suddenly quit working - making reference lines

The error means the left side of the << operator isn't an object that takes messages (and isn't an axis object that understands addRefLines messages).

To diagnose the problem, you can add 


There probably won't be an axis box(2).

My guess: something about your data has changed, changing the shape of the report.  That might explain why everyone sees the same problem.

JMP reports can change from release to release, but JMP doesn't update by itself.  Possibly your data center people pushed an update.  Help->about will have your version number.  If it is JMP 13, you do have a recent update.

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