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Start learning JMP 11 with sample data

After you download JMP 11, what do you want to do first? You may want to explore your data and investigate the many graphical and statistical platforms in JMP. You could import your own data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or text files. To get started quickly, however, experiment with sample data sets.

JMP is installed with hundreds of data sets, or what we refer to as data tables, in the installation directory's Samples/Data folder. You'll find data from many fields -- semiconductor, consumer research, experimental designs, crime, airlines and so forth. Many data tables include scripts that you run to perform various analyses. These scripts create graphs and statistical reports from the data, so you don't need any experience with JMP to get started.

In JMP, select Help > Sample Data to begin exploring the sample data library. Some of the most popular sample data are categorized by type of analysis and type of data. To see a list of all sample data tables, click the Open the Sample Data Directory or See an Alphabetical List of all Sample Data Files buttons at the top of the window.

Let's look at sample data that demonstrate JMP 11's new street-level maps feature. Like Google Maps, street-level maps let you zoom in and explore roads, terrain, and other geospatial data. Details such as bus stops and buildings provide context to your data and can quickly lead to additional insights.

To create a street-level map, click San Francisco Crime in the Graph Builder section of the Sample Data Index. The upper left column of the data table shows scripts for creating various analyses. Select the Graph Builder Street Map: Traffic Incidents red triangle menu. Maps are then generated for  non-traffic violations (left) and traffic violations (right). 

Maps of San Francisco Crime Data

Now, the fun begins. Use the JMP magnifier and grabber tools to zoom in and drag the map. To see details about an incident, place your cursor over a data point.  Grab a cup of coffee and begin digging into the data.

New and Improved Sample Data

For JMP 11, I worked with folks around JMP to upgrade the sample data. For example, we added scripts for Graph Builder, Application Builder and Control Chart Builder to many sample data tables, including Big!

Geographical data that previously included only X and Y coordinates now include latitude and longitude data to create more realistic maps. Presidential provides data through the 2012 election. Even Napoleons has new features -- a background map on the bubble plot and a spiffy new line chart to highlight the attack and retreat lines.

As usual, new sample data highlights new JMP capabilities. For example, run scripts in to see the Generalized Regression platform in action. Or run the Response Screening script in Drosophilia For a complete list of sample data updates, download New Features in JMP 11 from the JMP Documentation home page.

Let me know what you think of the sample data updates. What kinds of data would you like to see in  upcoming release?  Email or leave a comment.

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