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Feb 6, 2014

Six Sigma Menu for JMP 7

Using JMP for Six Sigma?

Looking for a Six Sigma menu to add into JMP 7?

Many of you use the optional JMP 6 Six Sigma menu. We have had numerous request to make that menu available for JMP 7. As part of the process we would like to like to improve the menu to meet your needs.

Please post your ideas for improving the current Six Sigma menu choices and layout, or for adding new features such as the Six Graph Capability, etc. We will make every effort to accommodate your ideas into an optional Six Sigma menu for JMP 7.

Community Member

John Yuan wrote:

I need the six sigma tools menu made for JMP7, would you please help me on this?

Community Member

Beaux Lenarz wrote:

I believe the JMP 6 sample Six Sigma menu is sufficient... at least as a template that can be modified to individual preferences.

My suggestion is to create a tutorial so the user can create the menu on his or her own, thus enabling them to modify it according to personal preferences and gain experience in menu creation/modification.

Community Member

bergeret wrote:

A very useful tool in industrial applications (with a lot of process tools) is a time line: it is an overlay plot between y (yield ...) and x (time...), with tool id as a grouping variable. If you use overlay plot in JMP, with overlay groups option and connect selected, you get several lines on the graph (one line by tool). Can you add an option to have only one line (for all the tools) but with tool id still available in symbols and legend (as it is now) ?

Nota: this option exists with SAS and is very useful in industry



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