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Right on time, 1st update for JMP 11 is now available

NOTE: Due to a technical problem with JMP 11.1, we have temporarily disabled the JMP 11.1 maintenance downloads. This will also delay the release of the JMP 11.1 installers. We are sorry for this inconvenience. We will update this post as soon as more information is available.

Unless you're a longtime JMP user, you may not have noticed that we release software on a pretty regular schedule.

Major versions of JMP and JMP Pro are released every 18 months in March and September. Maintenance updates to the current major version are released every four months in between as needed. We released JMP 11 and JMP Pro, Version 11, in September last year, so it's time for the first maintenance update. You can download the updater to update your installed copy of JMP 11 or JMP Pro, Version 11, to version 11.1.

This update provides as many bug fixes as we could squeeze into it, so you'll want to update as soon as possible.

You may not realize it, but we have to create six different maintenance updaters for the various forms of JMP 11. There are different updaters for all the combinations of JMP and JMP Pro, operating system and the type of license. That can make it confusing for you to find the right updater for your installed copy of JMP 11. You can make it easy on yourself and let JMP find the right one for you.

We include an update check mechanism right in JMP itself. To use it, just go to the Preferences dialog and click on JMP Updates. Then click on the Check Now button.

JMP Updates Preferences in the JMP Preferences dialog

JMP will tell you that there's an update available, you can click on the Go to update site button, and JMP will open your Web browser to the download page that is appropriate for your copy of JMP.

The JMP Update check shows that a new version is available.

While you're in the JMP Updates preferences, turn on the check box to let JMP check for updates automatically once a month. That way, you'll never miss an update.

Check for updates automatically in the JMP Updates preferences

For our annual license customers, we'll be releasing a new installer for JMP 11 and JMP Pro, Version 11. This installer will install version 11.1 directly with no need to install version 11.0 and then use the updater to get to 11.1. The new, version 11.1 installers will be available to software administrators for annual licenses on Feb. 12. (See note at the top of this post. --ed.)

If you're an administrator, after Feb. 12 (see note at the top of this post. --ed.) you can request the full installers for version 11.1 here.

P.S. If you are a longtime JMP user, you will notice that this maintenance release is numbered differently. We're no longer using a middle digit in maintenance releases. So, instead of calling this version 11.0.1, we're just calling it 11.1.

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