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JMP 13 Preview: Query Builder wrangles data better than ever

Query Builder joins data tables

Join up to 64 data tables with Query Builder in the latest version of JMP.


You may have data in a relational database that you need to bring into JMP. Your data may be spread across multiple tables. And you might want only part of it rather than all. Query Builder simplifies these types of data access tasks, and in the latest version of JMP – it is easier and more powerful than ever.


Now you can use Query Builder with more than external databases; you can use it with JMP data tables. That means you can perform multi-table queries and joins of data tables. You can easily join up to 64 tables!


Feedback from JMP users about Query Builder drove many of the other changes to this part of JMP. For instance:

  • You can bring in data from external sources and join them in-memory.
  • Windows users now get a progress bar when retrieving data.
  • New filters for categorical variables reduce wait time.
  • You can sample the first N rows of data.
  • Conditional filters let you select just the data you need.

Query Builder in JMP 13 lets you filter

When you configure your query in Query Builder, you can add filters to customize your data access.


“There are a whole set of performance enhancements that make Query Builder more frugal with resources,” says JMP developer Eric Hill, who focuses on Query Builder.


The response from customers in the JMP 13 Early Adopter program has been very positive. “They find Query Builder easier to use. And they particularly liked that they can consolidate data preparation steps and deliver a query to someone else,” Eric says.


Eric enjoys talking with users about their data access needs at conferences and customer visits. He’ll be doing that next month at Discovery Summit, where he is presenting both a tutorial and poster. There are still a few spots open for his special tutorial on Query Builder, titled “Wrangling All Your Data with Query Builder in JMP 13.”


“Being able to bring SQL into JMP is exciting. Query Builder gives our users an easier way to get their data so they can analyze it in Graph Builder or whatever platform they choose,” Eric says.


Eric will be blogging about how to use Query Builder, so look for an upcoming post on 13 tips about Query Builder in JMP 13. Until then, stop by our preview site, which has links to videos about JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13.

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