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converting to csv file

Hi Guys,

I am trying to convert a text file into a csv file so that jmp can read it. I have already done that with awk in unix but I would like to do it in jmp.

Is there any way to substitute two or more spaces in a text file with a comma in jmp before opening it?

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Re: converting to csv file

I'm not aware of any way do such a substitution while performing a Text Import. However you can change the Text Import preferences to make "spaces" (2 or more) be the only field delimiter or "spaces" can be added to an existing list of delimiters also specified in Preferences.

Preferences>Text Data Files>Import Settings

This can be scripted though not documented (at least in 8.0.1), and I am unaware of how, via scripting, to save the existing Import Settings in order to restore them using scripting after changing and using the the changed settings.


JMP support confirms that it's safe to use this scripting approach.

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