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Legends disappear when contours are copied to journal

I am creating multiple contour plots, then reorder them programmatically on a journal for better user clarity, but legends which where plotted outside of the viewing area and were not manually viewed (by scrolling down) are corrupted (or do not appear at all) in the resulting journal.
Furthermore - saving the resulting journal to file, then opening this file, reveals that all legends do not exist at all in it!

The generating code I've used is as follows:

cp = Contour Plot(
X(:CordX, :CordY),
nw=New Window("Summary Metrics Matrix",< vb = VListBox();
for(i=1, i<=Nitems(cp), i++,
vb << append( cp << report );
OutlineBox("Solver/Metric mix", vb);
I didn't figure out yet how to attach files - when I do I'll add the corresponding data. Until then any other contour plot can be used to yield the same effect - as long as more than 3-4 contours are generated through the "By" control (specific limiting number of plots depends on the screen resolution and JMP window size)

Does anyone has a clue?
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Re: Legends disappear when contours are copied to journal

I can reproduce the problem (JMP 9 mac) and it seems to be a bug. The legends in the Journal do not show up at all or become truncated if the original plot is outside the visible area of the report window. Same thing if you make a journal manually.

One strange "workaround", at least with the example table I used, was to scroll down, then scroll up and again and then make a journal (manually or by running the second half of the script), which yields a journal with perfect legends.
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