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How to: Discriminant analysis classifier in JMP11?

Hallo everyone and thanks for all your help in advance. I am relatively new to JMP so I have still some blank spots in a few JMP applications. I have performed a discriminant analysis (quadratic) in a series of data, got quite good results and categorized my data in 4 different classes. Now, I have done the exact same study in a new set and I have a completely new series of data (of the same variables) which I would like to classify in the classes I have produced in my previous analysis. Is this possible and if yes, how can it be done in JMP?

Thanks, Tasos

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Re: How to: Discriminant analysis classifier in JMP11?

Check out the 'Save Formulas' option under the red triangle in the report.

To see this, run this JSL (do 'File > New > New Script', cut and paste, then 'Edit > Run Script'):


dt = Open("$SAMPLE_DATA/");

disc = dt << Discriminant(X( :Species ), Y( :Sepal length, :Sepal width, :Petal length, :Petal width ));


disc << SaveFormulas;

Look at the formula in the 'Pred Species' column that is saved to the table (click on the '+' sign next to this column in the Columns Panel). If you add new rows to the table, these will be scored using this formula.