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Practice JMP using these webinar videos and resources. We hold live Mastering JMP Zoom webinars with Q&A most Fridays at 2 pm US Eastern Time.See the list and register. Local-language live Zoom webinars occur in the UK, Western Europe and Asia. See your country site.

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Unlocking the Advanced Power of Graph Builder

See how to:

  • Use 4 main techniques for editing graph
    • R-Click menu in the middle of the graph
    • Change graph type, for example from points to bars to heat-map
    • Add a graph type, for example overlapping a heat map with a box plot and lines
    • Deploy the Customize Option:  Control the drawing order of items in graphs
  • Use Red Triangle
    • Show/hide titles and axes
    • Change legend position and settings
  • Use R-Click menu of each axis to change axis settings or add reference line
  • Click on the legend to change markers and lines settings or add a label to a line
  • Change a graph type
    • R-click in the middle of the graph>Click on the type of graph>Click on Change to>Choose what type of graph to change it to
  • Overlap multiple graph types
    • R-click in the middle of the graph>Add>Choose the type of graph to add
  • Work with multiple Y-variables
    • Overlap them on same Y axis
    • Stack them on Y axes
    • Use right and left axes
  • How to manipulate the axes
  • How to use Shift/Ctrl or Shift/Command
  • Create overlapped and stacked curves (Example 1)
  • Use mapping, stacked bar chart and area curves and a Local Data Filter (Example 2)
  • Import and use multiple files (example 3)
  • Create histograms for multiple response variables (Example 4)
  • Use export rather than screen shots to save high quality graphs
    • Rasterized images (including jpeg, png, bmp, tiff) lose quality because of pixels and can’t be edited after export
    • Vector graphics (including svg, emf, pdf)
  • Understand how to set background color in JMP>Preferences> Report - Check-mark Transparent backgrounds

Questions answered by Monique @monique_lander and Scott @scwise at the live webinar demo:


Q: Can the preferences be changed to where the smoother is NOT on by default?

A:  You can go to Preferences > Platforms > Graph Builder and deselect the auto smoother option for when you start a Graph Builder.


Q: Can I animate a Data Filter in Graph Builder?

A: Yes, see below.



Q:  Can we visualize numerical and catagorical in Y-axis with Time as X-axis?

A: Yes, you can look at both numerical and categorical Y axis factors over a time X axis. Besides points, you will have different additional graph display element options based on the type of Y data type you use.

Q: For customizations, you can ask JMP to remember them, right?

A: Yes, Saving the JMP Script for the graph will retain ALL selections you make (axses, labels, element, etc.). Also the JMP 17 Workflow Builder is a great way to capture the scripting in your work flow.

Q: Where can I create a Wafer Map?

A:  In the JMP Community see how to use the Semiconductor Wafer Map to creaet a Heat Map  using the Semiconductor Toolkit  Add-In.

Q: Would defects found be separated in the x-axis? 

A:  If defects found is treated categorical you can next multiple categorical Xs. You could also use the Top X or Left Y Graph Builder planel to get some range graph panels of even continuous factors.




How do I add tabular data to a graph? It is in your journal but not in the video. Thanks!


Do you mean the new feature in JMP17 where you can add caption boxes and change their location to Axis Table


Essential Graphing > Graph Builder > Element Types and Options > Caption Box 

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