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Pictures from the Gallery 6: Select Advanced Graph Builder Views (2021-US-45MP-808)

Level: Beginner


Scott Wise, Principal Analytical Training Consultant, SAS


If a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, then the visuals that can be created in JMP Graph Builder should be considered fine works of art in their ability to convey compelling information to the viewer. This journal presentation features how to build popular and captivating advanced graph views using JMP Graph Builder. Based on the popular Pictures from the Gallery journals, this sixth installment highlights new views available in the latest versions of JMP. It features several popular industry graph formats that you may not have known could be built easily within JMP. Views such as graphlets, run ordered spirals, map cartograms, time series and more are included so that you can breathe life into your graphs and provide a compelling platform to manage your results.



Such a great introductory. Thanks for sharing the Gallery Journal. Will the actual data be also available for sharing? Thank you.  


I just realized that the data are embedded in the Journal provided:)

The graphlets feature at the end is nothing short of amazing. Extremely useful, and extremely easy to implement. That was honestly mind-blowing. Thanks!