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Summary Statistics in Graph Builder - add Cumulative Probability

DUPLICATE of Add CDFs to Graph Builder 


☑ cool new feature
☑ could help many users! - especially in semiconductor industry.

☐ removes a bug

☐ nice to have

☐ nobody needs it


What inspired this wish list request?




The summary statistics option in GraphBuilder are amazingly useful. I even thought that they enable the user to generate a grouped Cumulative Probability Plot with just 3 lines of code: 


dt << Graph Builder(
Variables( X( __col1__ ), Y( __col1__ ),Overlay( __groupCol__ ) ),
Elements( Points( X, Y, Summary Statistic( "Cumulative Percent" ) ) ))


Without this Trick it's rather "complicated", because one has to first calculate the Rank [%] via


Transform Column(
						"Cumulative Probability[1=100%]",
							Col Rank( Expr( Name Expr( As Column( var ) ) ), Expr( Name Expr( As Column( groupByvar ) ) ),Excluded() ) / (
							Col Number( Expr( Name Expr( As Column( var ) ) ), Expr( Name Expr( As Column( groupByvar ) ) ),Excluded() ) + 1)



Unfortunately, my approach was wrong. 




Cumulative Percent is NOT Cumulative Probability [%]
it is:




What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Please add Cumulative Probability as an option for Summary Statistics in Graph builder.



Why is this idea important? 

The Rank [%] will allow users to easily generate grouped Cumulative Probability Plots in Graph Builder.
Compared to the more complicated approach with the Transform Column it will have the huge benefit that a Column Switch can be used to cycle through different columns.

Like promised in

... but with the correct result.

Level XI

Another (very important) argument why it will be MUCH better to have this functionality directly implemented in Jmp such that no manual Transform columns are needed:

If additional columns are used as GroupBy, Overlay, Page  and esp: Frequency, the official Graph Builder will automatically handle these informations correctly  


So: just a tiny additional entry among al lthe others -and a huge improvement for the user.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you for this suggestion @hogi , we will take this under consideration.

Level XI

I just noticed that there is a previous wish from 2022 by @BHarris  with exactly the same idea:

Add CDFs to Graph Builder 


As the other post already made it into the queue for a future release, this wish can be closed.

By the way, @mia_stephens , future release means Jmp 18?

Level XI

Hm - perhaps keep both wishes open - just in case the feature won't show up in Jmp 18 ...