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Profiler Set Desirabilities


I'm looking at the Profiler red triangle, under Optimization and Desirability -> Set Desirabilities.

Several of our newer users get confused when they have multiple y variables because JMP pops up a separate modal box to set desirability for each response one at a time. The astute ones notice that each box is for a different response, but others don't notice the subtle change.

Any way we could replace this interface with a single window? Use a List Box or a Combo Box or a Tab Box to arrange the different responses. Then the user can go to "Set Desirabilities", see all the responses in one window, and potentially set all of them from the same window. Or, with flexibility to choose which responses need to be set, having a "select the response to change" property allows the user to skip over two or three responses that don't need to be changed in the first place.

Icing on the cake: allow some sort of "Standardize Desirabilities" option from the Profiler as well. Sure, you can standardize attributes from the data table and set the Response Limits property, but when you're in the middle of a Profiler that isn't intuitive.

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I do not disagree with your wish list. This is a just a suggestion that might help in the interim.

Have the user select Desirability Functions.  Then have them CTRL + click on each desirability graph. It makes it a little easier to realize which response is being optimized. 


Another option is to set the Desirability via the column interface, one column at a time: select a response column, right click,  select Column Properties, select Response Limit, desirabilities can be set from this interface.


But I agree an easier method to set via a table would be nice. 



Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Tiretread.jmp" );
obj = Profiler(
		:Pred Formula ABRASION,
		:Pred Formula MODULUS,
		:Pred Formula ELONG,
		:Pred Formula HARDNESS
obj << Desirability Functions( 1 );
Level VI

Agree CTRL-click is useful (and I show it to the new users) - they just have trouble remembering it. Thanks.