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May 1, 2014

script page layout or scaling for printing


I've managed to script up an application that creates a variable number of contour plots.  They are in horizontal boxes 2 plots wide by x number in length (number of plots varies).  I can manually turn the page layout to landscape in the print preview box to make it work, or I can use the print setup to scale the window by 70% so it fits on portrait size.  I am wondering if I can script these steps as well?  I am using JMP9.  My goal is to get this correct and then I can script the save as PDF after.  I've already made that work but I'd rather not save it with incorrect layout.

I've tried scaling the plots themselves, but unfortunately it seems I can only scale the data plot.  I'd like to shrink the font on the legend or move it to the bottom but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this on contour plots, thus the desire to fix it with page layout landscape or scaling the page.

Can anyone tell me how to do one of these 2 things?

1) modify the print settings for the window

2) move the legend below the contour plot