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how can i remove the "where(:... " from journal chart


Community Trekker


Jul 16, 2014


i made a script that collect data from several tables and create charts with limits for each paramter

the script collect the limits from one table and data from anotehr

when i create bivariate chart only it works fine

when i create one way box plot chart it wroks fine

but when i try to combine them using H List Box i get this Where(:   line

how can i remove it?


Community Trekker


Sep 15, 2014


          Can you please use a sample data set from the JMP library and reproduce the issue here . It would be hard for any one who is trying to help you to keep trying to edit your code. Rather - if you can zero in on the exact piece of code that is causing you trouble and you do this by using the sample data - everyone will be able to reproduce the issue on their end and help you fix the problem




Super User


Mar 17, 2015

Lets assume you are getting it in something called nw and you only have textboxes that are where textboxes;

I just use:

obt = nw<<xpath("//TextBox");

for(i=1, i<=nitems(obt), i++,

obt << Delete


there are a lot of customization you can do with it but this normally works for me.