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delete the header of Graph Builder

Hi all,
I am doing a script for getting a lot of box plots graph in a very compact windows. So I am using a graph builder but the header takes a lot of space.
So I am searching for a solution for a long time...

I have tried to save the axis and the box plot with his windows as a picture but it doesn't seem possible to access to this two elements by script.
The second solution I have tried is to delete (or make invisible) the header (the rectangle above the graph where it is write "Graph Builder" but I didn't succeed anymore.
The third and last solution will be to plot several windows with one box plot by each graph in only one graph builder.

Is there a feasible solution? if yes, how can i do that?
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delete the header of Graph Builder

To get a handle to the graph area below the header, you can subscript with PictureBox(1):

gb = Graph Builder( Size( 260, 259 ), Show Control Panel( 0 ), Show Legend( 0 ),

          Variables( X( :age, Size( 18 ) ), Y( :height, Size( 30 ) ) ),

          Elements( Box Plot( X, Y, Legend( 2 )))


report(gb)[PictureBox(1)] << save picture("box.png")

Or you can move it to the journal window with

  report(gb)[PictureBox(1)] << journal;

In general you will find the display elements easier to manipulate in the journal since they are no longer active.

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