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What tool should I use if I want to select modules by meeting multiple parameters?


Hello Everyone,


I am working on a project that needs me to select modules based on users' input. And there are multiple parameters that I need to base on when select modules. The picture is showing below:

Could you please give me some suggestion about it? I am wondering if JMP has the function that I can use in this case.


Thank you so much if you can help.





Super User


Jul 28, 2015

It's not clear to me what you are asking.  But if you want to optimize your Y (module) based on multiple factors (parameters), that is what the Profiler is used for.  My guess is your modules aren't a continuous variable though, so you'll probably have to script out the logic yourself with if... else statements

Thank you so much for your answer. Yes I am trying to find best modules based on multiple factors. I will do more study about profiler. It is very helpful!