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Virtual join targets get messed up on save

I'm having a recurring problem with virtual joins. I have a series of tables that are "daisy-chained" together by virtual join. That is, Table 1 link references Table 2, Table 2 link references Table 3, Table 3 link references Table 4, and so on. My daisy-chain is six tables long in all. (The set of tables represents a 6-level hierarchy of one-to-many entities…).


This works fine mostly, but the link references tend to get scrambled when I save the tables. Often I notice that a perfectly valid Reference Table value gets changed to "myEnclosingFolder/(A Document Being Saved by JMP)/". Of course, this is just a temporary folder that JMP deletes after the save, yet the Link Reference property doesn't synchronize. Sometimes I wish I could just tell JMP to stop trying to be so helpful and just let me hard-wire in the Reference Table path.


Is there a way I can do this better?


Re: Virtual join targets get messed up on save

If you have a specific example of JMP not doing what you expect (or better yet, what's documented) an email to is always a good idea.

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Re: Virtual join targets get messed up on save

I have virtually joined many tables, but with nesting, I have only used two levels.  Note if the auxiliary tables are in the same directory folder as the main table, a path name is not required. The path for the link reference is case sensitive.


If I wanted to save the files in a different directory, I would unlink and save in the reverse order.


I have not seen this behavior  "myEnclosingFolder/(A Document Being Saved by JMP)/".

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