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Variability Charts are Squished

Hello All,

In JMP9, when i generate a Variability Gauge Chart, the contents are very squished together such that you can't read some of the Group names.

I have the same problem in JMP8 and the fix there was to use the Vertical Charts.

But now, in JMP9, both the Vertical and regulart Variabiity Charts give me the squished results.

Suggestions on how to have JMP expand the graph to do a "best fit"?

(I'm doing some automated reports and so want to avoid having to manually expand the size of the chart)


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Community Trekker

Variability Charts are Squished

So, I think that this is a bug.

But since no answer.....i had to hack it a bit. 

//The Squishines is based on the to many rows being, before the Variability chart, get the number of rows and based on the set the width of the chart (based on trial and error)

dt << Select Where (  //same as in the Variability Chart

  selRows = N Row( dt << Get Selected Rows );

if (selRows <= 25, theWidth=500,  selRows > 25 & selRows <= 75, theWidth=700, selRows > 75 & selRows <= 90, theWidth=1300,  theWidth=2000);

//and put this in the SendToReport(), in the Variability Chart.  Note the variable from above.



                              {"Variability Chart for E2E"},

                              "Variability Chart",


                              {Frame Size( theWidth, theHeight )}


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