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Using Data FIlter Source Box to Update Table Filter

I am trying to use a bar graph as a source to update a global table data filter and am having trouble figuring it out. Why would I want to do this you might ask?  Well, I have a primary table called A with two linked summarized tables B and C off of the primary A. I would like the user to be able to choose a bar from a bar graph which was created in B and have it update the graphs that exist in C - all linked through A.


Is this possible?




Re: Using Data FIlter Source Box to Update Table Filter

When summarizing you can link back to the original dataq table but not cross reference from one summary table to another. You would need any kind of index to know what belongs to what. 


That said, usually in a summary table you have a grouping variable. You can use this grouping variable to virtually link to the other data tables and then you should be able to filter and track the filter selection all the way to your final table and plot respectively. 


More about virtual join you can find here: 

Youtube on Virtual Join in JMPSoftwarefromSAS channel