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Simple Regression Help



I am having trouble when using fit model on a simple regression. Two variables do not work as seen below. They are simple numbers so I can't figure out why my parameters look the way they do. Any suggestions? Thanks so much. 


Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.15.53 PM.png





Re: Simple Regression Help

Your two problem variables have the nominal modeling type. Therefore, each level of those variables (except one) will require a parameter estimate. This results in you not having enough data to estimate all of those parameters. 


Those columns look to be numeric. I think you need to change the modeling types to be continuous and re-run your model. Then the results will likely be what you expect.

Dan Obermiller
Level VI

Re: Simple Regression Help

As follow up to what Dan says, you probably should just change those variables from nominal to continuous and rerun the regression.

Level IV

Re: Simple Regression Help

Further agreeing with the reply from Dan, I would like to offer a suggestion before you switch modeling type to Continuous.

Do a 'Distribution' graph on the '% Discount' and 'Trough' columns, and see what values are present ... it is possible that something is present in the columns you don't want to lose but that makes the column appear non-numeric. Just changing to continuous will remove all non-numeric cell data.
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