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Feb 10, 2014

Setting the line style of a set of columns in an Overlay Plot

I want to create an Overlay Plot in JSL where half of the columns (with names that are known at runtime, but can't be hardcoded into the script) are drawn with dashed lines and the other half with full lines. I am able to do this programmatically, except for the line style formatting. If I manually create a plot and set the line style correctly, I get this script.

Overlay Plot(

    X( :Name( "Bin Num" ) ),


        :Cumulative Reads 1,

        :Cumulative Writes 1,

        :Cumulative Reads 2,

        :Cumulative Writes 2


    :Cumulative Writes 1( Line Style( 2 ) ),

    :Cumulative Writes 2( Line Style( 2 ) )


How do I create this command in JSL given a list of the names of columns (as stings) for which to set the line style? I can't figure out the combinations of Exprs, Substitutes, or whatnot to use.