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Scripting graph Y labels

If I rename the Y axis on the graph (using Overlay Plot of 3 columns) and save script to table, the renamed Y label is not there. I am guessing it is possible from the scripting guide (p. 253 for v7) but I cannot figure out the entries. I found two templates that seem relevant:
overlayPlotObj<<(Left Axis<<{axis options});
When I tried to insert a Left Axis send command into the script, nothing happened. Y is still labeled Y. I inserted the command after the overlay axis command:
Overlay Axis << {{Scale( Linear ), Format( "Best" ), Min( 0 ),
Max( 120 ), Inc( 20 )}},
Left Axis << {Add Axis Label( "Response" )},

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Re: Scripting graph Y labels

JMP 8 says the script as

Overlay Plot(
X( :xx ),
Y( :y ),
Separate Axes( 1 ),
Dispatch( {}, "", AxisBox( 2 ), {Add Axis Label( "new name" )} ),
Dispatch( {}, "Y", TextEditBox, {Set Text( "new name" )} )

Not sure if one or both of the dispatch commands is supported by JMP 7.

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Re: Scripting graph Y labels

you need to remove the axis label first and then add a new one:
// create overlay plot
opl3 = Overlay Plot(... etc
oplr = opl3 << report;
oplr [axisbox(1)] << remove axis label << add axis Label("Intensity");
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