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Reports attached to dataframes on Mac

I've been using the Windows client for over 4 years and there's (at least) one feature I don't see for the Mac client I am now using.  Maybe it's a difference between JMP 13 and 14.  When I have some report or window open related to a dataframe, it would have a box near the bottom of the table that I could swap between reports quickly.  Right now I find myself losing reports behind other windows.  Is there a way to enable this feature on the Mac client?


Re: Reports attached to dataframes on Mac

I hear your pain.


The windows interface has a couple of things like that that are lagging/missing  on the Mac version of JMP.


In JMP 14 its a little better: there is a black house looking icon in the top pannel of windows that will take you to the home window. The hierarchy of things attached to a data table is automatically hidden, so you have to hit the grey triangle to see what is attached to a report.


Also, in the home window, the number of items in the window list is controlled by a preference in the mac os. The max number is 50, so don't count of being able to find the file you worked on last week like you did in windows.


On the top panel of a report there is an icon to take you to the table the report came from.


In a data table there is no way to link quickly to report open against that table, you have to go through the home window. In windows there is the tray at the bottom of the data table with thumbnails to the current open reports. 





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