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May 12, 2013

Questions about making the same action again many times


I'm doing a 'Fit Y by X' for a lot of data, and I'm also using the 'By' option in the fit.

Afterward I'm getting 100 results because of the 'By', and to each one of them I want to do ANOVA and Tukey HSD.

1. Is there a way to do it one time to all of them, and not one by one 100 times?

2. let's say I've done it and have the ANOVA and Tukey HSD 100 times. Is there a way to have it all summed somehow? 

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Tal Katz


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Jun 29, 2012

Re: Questions about making the same action again many times

The following code demonstrates how you would go about doing a similar process for a sample dataset. ANOVA and Tukey HSD are set to run for all by groups. The combined data table then shows a summary of all the F-tests. You can use the Show Tree Structure command to identify any table in the report that you want to summarize.

Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big Class.JMP" );

OW = Oneway(
Y( :weight ),
X( :sex ),
All Pairs( 1 ),
Name( "Means/Anova" )(1),
Mean Diamonds( 1 ),
Comparison Circles( 1 ),
By( :age ),

r= OW<<report;

dt =r[1][NumberColBox(10)]<<Make Combined Data Table;