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Plotting Double Y Overlay Plots

On a couple of SAS documentation pages it stats that JMP can handle double Y plots. That is when two functions are wildly different in their value ranges but sampled on the same discrete time scale you can plot them using the same x axis but with different scales on the left and right Y axis.

Can this be done in Overlay Plot? I cannot figure it out intuitively.

To be clear I have 3 columns x 50 rows. The first column indicates a discretely sampled time series index (0 to 49 s) I would like to plot each of the remaining two column scaled on either the right or the left of the Y axis simultaneously.


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Jun 23, 2011

Re: Plotting Double Y Overlay Plots

Perhaps too easy. In the Overlay Plot dialog there is a button "Left Scale/Right Scale"), right below the Y-box. This can be used to move selected variables in the Y-box from one side to the other.