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New Welcome Kit as an experienced user

I have been evaluating the New Welcome Kit for helping the teams I support get the most out of JMP. Before recommending it I gave it a go myself. I have been using JMP for 4+ years and would probably be classed as a power user (I write JSL from scratch and spend a lot of time utilising the hotspot options).

If you haven't tried it yet I recommend it - I learnt a few new things (especially in section 6). There are few bugs (it is a work in progress) and some of the suggested exercises are a long-winded way to solve the questions. I had to use the link in the email (sent when you register) each time I visited the site to get my browser (IE11) to remember my progress.

I'm interested in the best new thing the videos highlighted for you. For me it was the right click - select matching command for cells in a data table. I am so used to using the local data filter to do that task.


Re: New Welcome Kit as an experienced user

Hi Stephen,

thank you for this thread and your feedback on the New User Welcome Kit. You may have seen it already, but here is an active thread on it where people provide feedback about the Welcome Kit. New User Welcome Kit Discussion

This may address your question about other experiences.

For all other readers, please add your feedback as well to either of these threads, as the JMP team is always looking for and asking for feedback to make what we offer more suitable for you, our users.

Kind Regards,


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