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Missing values?

Hi all,

I wrote a function which checks if a value passes or not.  If it has, it says in the column beside the value Pass or Fail.  For some reason, there a few cells that are blank that should say Fail, but are blank.  There are cells that failed and also say fail beside it, so I am little confused trying to debug this one.  I also added a screen shot to illustrate what I mean.

oneULPass = Function( {UL, value, test, row},

            //UL --> upper limite

      //value --> value measured

      //test --> which test is this?

      //row --> row (device number)  in data table


      colName1 = test || " Pass";

      If( value <= UL,

            dtSummary:colName1[row] = "Pass";

            pass = 1;


            dtSummary:colName1 = "Fail";

            pass = 0;



      Return( Num( pass ) );




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Re: Missing values?

Ah, found it!  In the "Fail" part of the If statement, I wrote dtSummary:colName1 = "Fail"; and not dtSummary:colName1[row] = "Fail".

Why would that work for some rows and not for others?

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