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Re: JMP is Not a Spreadsheet

I think you may have identified a possible opportunity for JMP! I agree that JMP is designed for the data tables to be used for analysis through other platforms but how often do we pull data from a JMP table or make combined data table and the. Paste into Excel for final formatting? Or on the other side of the analysis I often use Excel to get the data into an acceptable format before bringing into JMP. It would be really cool if JMP could go back and forth between a data table and a spreadsheet that has connections to the data tables and reports and allows you to create document friendly formats all within one program.

JMP is definitely nit just a spreadsheet but maybe it could be a spreadsheet too
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Re: JMP is Not a Spreadsheet

A lot of good points already mentioned. Excel for majority of the time requires you to do manage data very manually with JMP you get to see your how it’s done behind the scenes with the script in the background which is much easier to recreate for the same set of repeated monthly data than say in excel in which you paste in individual formulas. Also if you want to use formulas a simple right click of the column and new formula column gives various options to do formulas instantly no drag down of formulas or creating a table in excel. Pivoting in Excel you select sheets or areas but in JMP you have flexibility of summarising or tabulated data. In short JMP offers better solutions with less clicks.
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