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Re: JMP is Not a Spreadsheet


Follow some of the expert JMP users who work at SAS, they give wonderful introductory webinars which help the user undrestand and interact with their data -- @Chuck Boiler once told me that the learning curve for JMP is short and steep.  I'm not so sure but I do know that "curiosity is the engine of the mind," as Ken Robinson put it.  Gradually use the tools and see how they can really enhance your work!  


First lesson I wish someone would have told me, I learned from @julian's webinars, which is: Click that little square divided into two triangles in the upper left hand corner of your data table! I can't tell you how that has changed my experience with ease of "manual manipulation" of my JMP data tables in a pseudo-MS Excel-like way!   Those little triangular areas are your friend, they will de-select everything for you with just a few clicks when you get confused by JMPs "non Excel like" row/column selection pattern (which ends up being wildy useful later on).    

Second one is Right Click > "Select Matching Cells".  Those of us who use this on a daily basis understand the power of it!