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JMP --how to see grouped columns in column switcher ?

I am using Column switcher to quick visualisation of data (oneway or bivariate).

and in my data table Columns have groups since i have large number of columns.

but these groups are not appearing in Column switcher.

any idea why they are not showing and how to fic that?

Thanks in advance


Re: JMP --how to see grouped columns in column switcher ?

Hi Ram Asra,

Although I do not know the actual reason, I believe this is due to the idea of the column switcher. You want to switch between columns, therefore you get a list of column names. If you'd had the grouping names as well in the list you would see nothing for those. Therefore JMP tries to avoid this and does not show these.

I understand you would like to colllapse other groups and switch only for some columns.of one group then switch to e.g. another group further down  and so on.

If you would like to find the right column names without Scrolling down you may want to use the hotspot next to "columns" and use the "Name contains..." search.

If there is another reason you may want to describe it and/or provide this Feature/enhancement request via our Technical Support to the developers.




Re: JMP --how to see grouped columns in column switcher ?

Thanks Martin.

Probably you are right. column switcher may not be able to get groups from table and show .



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