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How to automatically re-scale the Prediction Profiler Y-Axis after Maximize Desirability optimization?


Community Member


Aug 7, 2013

After the Maximize Desirability operation is performed, the y-axis is not automatically re-scaled to the new curves. This can be adjusted manually, but for dealing with many profilers at a time, it is not an ideal solution. Is it possible to deal with this problem though JSL scripting? The goal is to have all curves visible when saving the profiler as an image (by script) to be used in reports. This is on JMP 9.


Community Manager


Jun 23, 2011

Hi XX,

There's no option to do this automatically. It probably possible to figure out the range using the current settings and the prediction formula and then set the scale yourself.

I'll pass this along as a suggestion for enhancement in a future release.