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Highlight a Tab or change txt in Tab header


Hi All- I am looking for some help with highlighting a tab or the txt in the tab header. I am running a report that pulls a months’ worth of data. The report generates multiple tabs based of that data. I am looking for a solution to somehow highlight the tabs that contain data from the past 24 hrs. Can the txt contained in the header of the tabbox be changed? Font, colour, Bold etc?

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Re: Highlight a Tab or change txt in Tab header

You can set an Icon for a Tab that I believe will be the solution for what you want.  Take a look at the Scripting Index for all of the messages that can be used for the TabPageBox()

     Help==>Scripting Index==>TabPageBox


Names Default To Here( 1 );
New Window( "Example",
	Tab Box(
		tp =
		Tab Page Box(
			Panel Box( "panel",
				Text Box( "text" )
		Tab Page Box(
			Popup Box( {"x", ex = 1, "y", ex = 2} )
tp << Icon( "Diagram" );
Print( tp << Get Icon( 2 ) );


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Re: Highlight a Tab or change txt in Tab header

Played around with titles and icons a bit:

nw = new window("test tabs",
	tb = tab box(
		"First Tab",
		b1 = button box("One"),
		"Second Tab",
		b2 = button box("Two")
tb << set icon(1, "Go");
tb << set icon(2, "Stop");
tb << set icon(1, "RowState");
tb << set icon(2, "DebuggerAddBreakpoint");
tb << set title(1, "Uno");
tb << set title(2, "Dos");


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