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Help with SAS PRX to extract substring please!


I am trying to use the SAS PRX function to extract a substring from my dataset. But it only returns the exact matches, whereas I need it to be more flexible and extract those that match a variety of conditions.

I have copied my data below. As you can see, one of the variables in my data is "brandmodel" which contains both the brand name and the model# of a particular camera. I need to have a separate column just for the model#s. So I am using the PRX function to extract them as they usually follow one of the following patterns:

For example: JX100 or JX10 or JX1 (i.e., 1-2 alphabets, followed immediately by 1-3 digits. This my program (copied below the data) can handle. But where I run into problems is: how to extract those model#'s where the alphabets are separated from the digits by a space or a hyphen, and how do I extract those into the same column "Model" as those with them altogether? Also, some of the observations do not have model#s, how can I get them to be set to missing instead of being dropped altogether?

Any help you can provide with this dilemma would be much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you!



iTwist F124 Digital Camera -red|49.00
Vivitar IF045 Digital Camera -Blue|72.83
Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask|128.00
Impact Series Video Camera MX Gogglesâ„¢|188.00
Olympus VR 340Silver|148.00
Olympus TG820 Digital Camera Black|278.00
Olympus VR 340 16MP 10x 3.0 LCD Red|148.00
Vivitar VX137-Pur Digital Camera|39.00
Olympus SZ-12 Digital Camera -Black|198.00
Olympus VG160 Digital Camera Red|98.00
Olympus VR340Purple|148.00
Olympus TG820 Digital Camera Silver|298.00
Olympus TG820 Digital Camera Blue|278.00
Olympus VG160 Digital CameraOrange|98.00
Olympus TG820 Digital Camera Red|298.00
Fujifilm FinePix AX500 Red|78.63
Canon A2300 Silver|98.63
Canon A810 Red|75.00
Nikon Coolpix S2600 Digital Camera - Red|88.00
Nikon Coolpix L25 Digital Camera - Silver|82.00
Casio Exilim ZS10BK|128.00
Olympus TG-310 14 MP blue Digital Camera|148.00
Hipstreet Kidz Digital Camera - Blue|14.93
Casio Exilim ZS10PK|128.00
Olympus TG-310 14 MP Digital Cameraorange|148.00

SAS Program

data walnov21p2;

        length brandmodel $ 80;

        infile "G:\File2\data\store_nov21\storenv21p2.csv" firstobs=2 dlm="|" dsd;

        input brandmodel price;


        re= prxparse('/[[:alpha:]]{1,3} \d{1,4}/');

        if prxmatch(re, brandmodel) then


                model=prxposn(re, 0, brandmodel);




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