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Graph Builder: adding error bars to median & using 2 overlays in same graph


I have a Graph Builder question:

How can you use more than one overlay condition? e.i. I want to graph leaf area (Y variable) by leaf age (X variable= 9 different ages) using two overlays for the Y variable as follows:

Overlay 1 = tree (4 different trees)

Overlay 2 = canopy position (2 different canopy positions: sun and shade)

So that I end up with a single line graph with 2 lines for each tree, one for sun leaves and one for shade leaves. I have tried this before but Graph Builder only accepts one overlay. My data is arranged in 4 different columns: 1 for leaf area, 1 for leaf age, 1 for tree number and 1 for canopy position.

I have a bit of experience making small modifications to scripts that graph builder creates but I am not a programmer and my attempts have been unsuccessful so far, I would very much appreciate any help on this.

Many thanks in advance for the help, Cecilia

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