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Graph Builder - Hide/Excluding Rows

I have a file of over 15,000 rows for 7 different machines.  When using Graph Builder, I am hiding and excluding the rows for all but one machine at a time and then coloring the data points by a column for the year.  I then save the script to the data table.  However, when I rerun the script, all data is included for all machines and I get a mess.  Why does the script not include the hide and exclude function?  What can I do to correct this?

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Re: Graph Builder - Hide/Excluding Rows

Maybe you need to made these exclusions directly from the script. It should work.

An other way is to setup filters as favorites to save them and apply them in your script.

Hope this will help you.



Re: Graph Builder - Hide/Excluding Rows

If you use the Local Data Filter, its settings will be saved with the script. In JMP 12, Local Data Filter is on the toolbar. Otherwise it is in the red triangle Script submenu.

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