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Finding out about range of specific amount of variables (Bartlett-test?)

Hello community.

I am new here, and also, I am a total beginner to statistics and JMP. I hope someone can help me!

For a work for University, I have a dataset about the size of larvae from different females. Those larvae are separated into different treatment (a treatment and a control).

I have to find out, if the range of different size of the larvae is different (bigger or smaller) between the two treatments, and therefore, I also have to compare the sizes of the single females.

I added the dataset to this post.

I already found in a paper, that someone was using the Bartletts x²-test to do so. I tried the test, but I have no idea how to read the results, or if I was using that test right.

Can someone help me?

Is clear what I want to know?

Am I actually on the right way?

I really appreciate help!

Thanks everyone,


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Re: Finding out about range of specific amount of variables (Bartlett-test?)

Welcome Olef,

this is not your typical student forum, and perhaps that is why you didn't get an answer. nevertheless, i have preformed a few analyses for you and attached them here. just run the scripts and read through the results they offer many different ways to face the questions you ask.

typically in a school assignment you would just need to use the tools learned in class more than actually dig into the issue. therefore, with some luck you could use some of the output.

if you need any more help just send me an email.


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