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Contour plot "levels" definition

When building a contour density plot, the option "Number of Levels" is an option.  How does JMP determine the contour lines based on this user input?  For instance, do these levels correspond to specific quartiles, where if "2" is selected, one contour contains data bounded by the 25th and 75 quartile and the other contour contains data bounded by the 0-25th & 75-100th quartile?  Any insight into the definition of these density contours would be appreciated.  


Re: Contour plot "levels" definition

I'm pretty sure its quantile based, I think I heard that the same approach is used to divide continuous variables into groups when they are placed into categorical roles in Graph Builder


you might find the add-in:  Interactive Binning v2 helpful for picking different cutpoints for your groups.

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